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154048911If you have a waiting room in your office and the furniture there is upholstered, you will need regular professional cleaning services to get all the dirt and dust extracted from it. Why professional commercial cleaning? Because vacuuming will not be enough to remove the entire amount of bacteria brought in by the hundreds of individuals that have entered the waiting room.

Upholstery cleaning projects involve maintenance of the floor coverings, furnishings, and all upholstered items within your waiting room or in the entire office building (depending on the type of cleaning which you need). It normally has to be done once a month, but if you have excessive traffic on a daily basis, you can do it even more often. It is a good idea to consult a specialist and make a cleaning schedule to reflect the amount of visitors and customers which spend a lot of time there on a daily basis.

For the best carpet and rug cleaning contractor in the area, contact Oasis Carpet & Upholstery. We are the most dependable upholstery cleaning company in the Clarkston, MI region which has been serving the local community for many years now and has a great reputation for offering affordable pricing as well as quality commercial cleaning services.



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